Reading Behind to Lead Ahead: Week of August 19, 2013

Highlighted below are some recent blog posts from Authentic Leadership Dallas members. Each Monday, we will take a look back and post leadership insights to help lead ahead.

If you are a member of Authentic Leadership Dallas and have a blog, please use the contact form to let us know. Thanks, and enjoy!

How Leaders Can Cultivate Understanding and Trust by Tal Shnall. Key quote: “When people see their leader make mistakes and willing to admit them, they begin to notice a trustworthy leader that places the interest of the team above his own his or her personal interests.”

Inbound Marketing Culture and Brand Leadership: Let’s Make It Happen by Krista Kotrla. Key quote: “Organizations that embrace a culture of empowering individuals and challenging everyone to be better leaders will not only grow their brands, they will lead entire industries.”

Brainpower. Choose to Use It for Good. by Erin Schreyer. Key quote: “You choose where your brain will go. It does only what you’ll allow it to do. Then, it can either take you for the ride of your life or drag you through the depths of sorrow and defeat.”

Are Connections Overshadowing Collaboration? by Jon Mertz. Key quote: “An added ingredient is clarity – purpose, mission, and responsibilities. Clarity is a must in collaborative working relationships, just as trust is.”

Lead well in the week ahead!


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