Reading Behind to Lead Ahead: Week of October 21, 2013

Leadership takes on many different essential elements, and this past week highlights several key ones, including: Inspiration, Communication, Vision, Values, and Change. Many great insights from Dallas-area leadership writers, along with key insights from the Lead Change team. Enjoy the insights. Join in the conversation!

The Most Important Phase of Inspirational Leadership by Krista Kotrla. Key quote: “It is because of the struggle that you will fly to higher heights. So thrash away and develop really, really strong wings. Because your inspirational leadership example is desperately needed and flying low is not an option.”

How Great Leaders Communicate and Connect by Tal Shnall. Key quote: “Great leaders never call themselves experts or gurus. They are not here to impress. Great leaders are not self-absorbed. They want to communicate as a WE and not as a ME.”

Which Comes First: Organizational Values or Personal Values? by Jon Mertz for Lead Change. Key quote: “Don’t take your intuitive feeling as your personal values. Take the time to write the answers and think about them. Refine them. Write them again. Live them. Lead by them.”

Frontline Festival – Vision and Values by Mike Henry for Lead Change. This post provides access to a solid roundup of thoughts and insights on vision and values.

The Impact of Millennials: Big and Bold by Jon Mertz. Key quote: “This is a big, bold, and innovative generation, and we need to foster their leadership. It is about leading from the middle. It is about creating a culture to encourage the innovative spirit of Millennials. For older generations, we need to answer the call by ensuring our organizational cultures encourage innovation and provide an opportunity to try, fail, learn, succeed, and repeat.”

Lead well in the week ahead!


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