Lead Ahead: Week of November 4, 2013

What interesting blogs did you read this past week? Feel free to share an interesting leadership blog post you read in the comment section below.

As we look back the past week, highlighted below are what community members from Authentic Leadership Dallas and Lead Change wrote. It is a mix of responsibility, working in challenging situations, getting people to join in and follow, and hope.

The R Word and Leadership by Tal Shnall. Key quote: “People who are afraid of admitting failure shouldn’t seek leadership roles. In a lot of ways leading is about taking risks and having the courage to take one hundred percent responsibility for what happened.”

Adversaries Into Allies by Bob Burg by Mike Henry. Key quote: “And the depth of that unconsciousness is very dangerous when it comes to influence and personal relationships. For me, becoming consciously aware of the clash of belief systems is the first step to becoming more relational and influential.”

Marketing Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy by Krista Kotrla. Key quote: “Maybe your greatest leadership opportunity is to be that first follower and courageously inspire others to follow. Remember, there is no movement without a first follower.”

Hope Is a Conversation by Jon Mertz. Key quote: “Hope seems hollow often. Just when we are ready to give up on hope, we see beauty happen.”

Lead well in the week ahead!


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