Lead Ahead: Week of November 11, 2013

The theme this past week may be practices to enhance your craft of leading. In today’s world, social media opens up connection points we need to engage in. Social media provides a channel for feedback — receiving and giving, yet we still need to remember ageless feedback practices, too. Trust is always central to leading and vulnerability is in the mix. And, as we discussed at a previous Authentic Leadership Dallas meeting, we need to lead from wherever we are — title or not. A great mix of insights. Each will make us better leaders.

How Dell’s Social Media Strategy Applies to Your Business by Krista Kotrla. Key quote: “Dell ventures into each new social media channel with this strategy. Observe and listen first. Engage and act second. Every channel has it’s own set of rules and your business would be wise to treat them each uniquely. For instance, Dell discovered that while it is perfectly acceptable (and expected) to engage users who post comments about Dell on Twitter, it is not acceptable to engage users on Facebook in the same way.”

Apply 4 Tips and Avoid 4 Traps for Giving Feedback by Betsy Winkler. Key quote: “Giving feedback is often not easy to do as a leader, but it is essential. Some people need more of it than others, but everyone requires some amount of feedback.”

Is Leadership a Craft? by Jon Mertz. Key quote: “One caution: Don’t spend all your time on the sidelines learning your leadership craft without putting it into practice. Get in the arena and lead. Being in the arena, no matter where it is, will provide real advances to your leadership capabilities.”

Vulnerability: The Core of Trust by Mike Henry. Key quote: “As leaders, operating with our shields down means we’re free to do what’s best for everyone around us. Operating with our shields down means spending our best energy to make others successful. We bring our best self and our best energy to serve our team, our customers or our friends. We become a peer, an encourager and someone who is free to truly empathize with our team. We make our team better and that makes us the best leader we can be.”

How do you Lead from the Middle? A video conversation between Tal Shnall and Krista Kotrla, extending one of our monthly leadership conversations. Watch the exchange on this topic.

Lead well in the week ahead!


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