Lead Ahead: Week of December 9, 2013

As Dallas begins to thaw this week, it may be from the sparks of calls to act more fully as leaders. Writers from Lead Change and Authentic Leadership Dallas amped things up and rightfully so. There is a leadership gap present, and this gap may be growing, unless we do something to step up in how we lead. As you read through the key quotes and click-through to read the full posts, it may be time to ask:

What can I do to become a more engaged leader and lead in a more purpose-driven way?

It is time. Lead well in the weeks ahead!

How to Lead Without Authority: 4 Easy Strategies by Krista Kotrla. Key quote: “Step up. Speak up. And brave up. Embrace responsibility even if you are faking it at first. Is it really fair to expect people to follow you and trust your ideas if you seem unsure of yourself or unwilling to accept full responsibility? Ask to take on new projects. Dream up a new initiative. Mess up, own up and describe what you learned from the experience. Try again. Deliver. Get results.”

Coherent Leadership by Mike Henry. Key quote: “We are coherent when our actions line up with our words, when people can understand what we’re trying to do and when we are sincere and uncomplex. Our actions will align with our most basic, primal leadership principles.”

How Leaders Create Positive Change? by Tal Shnall. Key quote: “A transformational leader focuses on positive change to help others to look out for each other, to be encouraging and harmonious, and to look out for the organization as a whole. With this leadership mindset, the leader enhances each person’s talent, morale and performance of his followers through positive change.”

Nelson Mandela Lead from the Back of the Room by Patti Johnson. Key quote: “Richard Stengel, editor of Time magazine, spent years interviewing Nelson Mandela and collaborated with him on his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom. In an interview with Voice of America, Stengel said, ‘Lead from the front is the more conventional kind of leading that we know—getting up on the podium and giving a speech or saying follow me. But leading from the back is a different idea.’ Nelson Mandela embodied this idea of leading from behind. He provided the example and the values and let others lead.”

Craving Leadership by Jon Mertz. Key quote: “The real answer to address the leadership craving is this: All generations of leaders need to be engaged. The only way to solve the leadership challenges is by working across generations, understanding perspectives, and sharing experiences. By reaching across generations, we will close the leadership gap and enter a new era of trusted, engaging leadership.”

Are you ready to lead more completely?


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