Guess Who Is Coming to Leadercast 2014?

The Leadercast tagline is powerful:

Building Leaders Worth Following

The word “building” implies there are different elements that come together to create something bigger and more engaging than the elements alone. Bringing together a community of leaders to share and learn is one way to build. Learning from many different sources and viewpoints is another. There are many resources that we need to embrace to build our leadership capabilities.

We are energized by what Leadercast is bringing together in this one day event on May 9th! We hope you will join our Lead Dallas host site at:  Chase Oaks | Authentic Leadership Dallas, 281 Legacy Drive, Plano, TX 75023. Early registration ends March 9 so register today!

Highlighted below are the speakers for Leadercast, a great group to learn from and continue to build our leadership skills.

Leadercast Lead Dallas


Please check out the sponsors of our Leadercast Lead Dallas host site! We are very grateful for their support to bring this community together.


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