Leadercast: Insights from Select Speakers

Leadercast is fast approaching and we have been watching for recent interviews with the speakers or other articles written about them or by them. We highlight two now:  Desmond Tutu and Simon Sinek.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu: Resilience

Recently, Desmond Tutu was interviewed by Krista Tippett, host of On Being. Highlighted below is a key quote from the interview along with the video from the complete interview.

Desmond Tutu:  “At no point will evil and injustice and oppression and all of the negative things have the last word. And, yes, I mean, there’s no question about the reality of evil, of injustice, of suffering, but at the center of this existence is a heart beating with love. You know, that you and I and all of us are incredible. I mean, we really are remarkable things that we are, as a matter of fact, made for goodness. And it’s not a smart aleck thing to say; it’s just a fact. Because all of us, even when we have degenerated, know that the wrong isn’t what we should be, isn’t what we should be doing. We’re fantastic. I mean, we really are amazing.”

Simon Sinek: Leadership is a choice

Simon SinekSimon Sinek recently spoke at TED 2014. Although there is no video yet, the quote below came from the TED blog in a post entitled “Leadership is about making others feel safe: Simon Sinek at TED2014.”

Simon Sinek:  “The ups and downs of the economy, the uncertainty of the stock market, the new technology that renders your business model obsolete overnight, the competition that is trying to kill you or at a minimum stop your growth and steal your customers—we have no control over these forces. They’re constant and they’re not going away. The only variable are the conditions inside the organization. That’s where leadership matters, because it’s the leader who sets the tone. When leaders make a choice to put the people first, remarkable things happen.”

Chip Cutter, Editor at LinkedIn, had this to add about Simon’s talk in a post entitled “Simon Sinek: Great Managers Don’t Lay Off Employees.” Here is a snapshot from Chip’s article:

“The advice seems to contradict both economic realities and the oft-quoted wisdom that managers should “hire slow and fire fast,” quickly jettisoning workers who can’t perform or don’t fit into a corporate culture. But Sinek says a different approach is necessary in the workplace. “Hire slow and fire never or almost never.”

The reason, he says, is that layoffs destroy culture. The best companies foster a sense of trust between employees so they can focus on achieving goals together, rather than fighting internal politics. The only way leaders can build what he calls a “circle of safety” is by protecting employees.”

To gain more insight on Simon Sinek’s leadership thoughts, highlighted below is a recent interview with CBS This Morning.

Get ready for Leadercast 2014!

Your leadership will be challenged anew and you will be energized! Join us for a day of insights and interaction.

Leadership is a choice, and leadership is continuing to learn and grow. Doing this, along with an open heart, will embolden our resiliency when time gets more challenging. Great insights from these two leaders and so much more to come with Leadercast on May 9th!



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