Leadercast Speaker Insight: Malcolm Gladwell

GladwellLeadercast 2014 is fast approaching and the speaker line-up is fantastic! We have been highlighting some of the speakers to prime everyone and get ready to engage in new ways to energize your leadership skills. Malcolm Gladwell is a distinguished author and has challenged us to think about certain ideas in new ways. His latest book is no different — David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants. Highlighted below is a video clip of an interview between Malcolm Gladwell and Issie Lapowsky with Inc.‘s Idea Lab.

To watch more of Inc.‘s interviews, check What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Underdogs.

One more quick insight from Malcolm Gladwell in an Inc. article (The Real Reason David Beats Goliath):

“This is the classic story of the business world. The very same thing that appears to make a company so formidable–its size, its resources–serve as stumbling blocks when they’re forced to respond to a situation where the rules are changing, and where nimbleness, and flexibility, and adaptability are better attributes. Which is the story of David and Goliath, right? David had nimbleness. He changed the rules. He brought in the superior of technology.”

Get ready for Leadercast 2014!

Your leadership will be challenged anew and you will be energized! Join us for a day of insights and interaction. Register today!

Leadership is a choice, and leadership is continuing to learn and grow. Malcolm Gladwell along with other leaders will challenge us so join us for Leadercast on May 9th!



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