Thank you to Leadercast Lead Dallas Community!

Leadercast is over but leading well never ends. Leading well never ends because we need to keep learning and then apply what we learn to influence in positive ways and engage others in meaningful ways. The reverberations of Leadercast and what we heard and took to heart will continue, as they should.

We are grateful for the over 150 leaders that gathered at our host site at Chase Oaks. We are grateful to our sponsors, along with the great teams at Chase Oaks and Luxury of Red. We are also thankful to Weaving Influence for providing some great leadership books to give away.

Leadercast Lead Dallas

Thank you for attending Leadercast Lead Dallas! We look forward to continuing our conversations in our monthly Meetups. We hope you will join us.

Lead well… today and every day!


Our Leadercast Lead Dallas sponsors:

Gold: Renaissance Executive Forums

Silver: Xpectit Mobile

Bronze: Thin


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