Beyond You: How Will You Lead?

Beyond You: Two simple words that pack a punch. As leaders, we need to focus beyond ourselves. There are at least two parts to this:  Leading to engage and empower others, and leading for a greater purpose in what we are doing. Both present challenges. Both will enable us to be leaders worth following, if we choose to embrace these two words fully in our actions.

Beyond You was the theme of Leadercast. Whether you attended or not does not matter for our conversation at our next leadership meeting.

Join us!

The May Authentic Leadership Dallas lunch meeting will focus on leadership lessons learned from good and bad times. We will meet on May 27, 11:45 am to 1:00 pm, at the Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel. Please RSVP on our Meetup page; you can find directions and other details there. We meet in the restaurant.

Background Reading

For this month’s meeting, we will explore the topic of Beyond You and what this means for our leadership practices. We will learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives on the practices we undertake today as well as the new practices we plan to use going forward. For background reading, two sites provided some solid insights from Leadercast and will help set a foundation for our conversations.

Valuable Insights from #Leadercast 2014! [Notes] by Ryan Stigile. Ryan provides good notes from each of the speakers. Just click on their names to read the notes.

Leadercast 2014 Speaker Notes: Beyond You by John Weirick. A quick overview all in one page.


Our meeting agenda is:

  1. Intro:  In 30 seconds, give your name, organization, and answer this question:  Who do you admire as a leader in business, government, or nonprofit organizations and why? (10 minutes)
  2. Question 1:  How do you know when your team members know you understand them? What does leading with empathy mean to you? (15 minutes)
  3. Question 2:  If we are “instinctively hardwired to want to stand and fight for something bigger than ourselves,” what does this mean for your teams and your organization? More specifically, what does it mean for the way you lead? (15 minutes)
  4. Question 3:  How do you see benefits of your leadership? (short-term versus long-term) (15 minutes)
  5. Wrap-up…. closing thoughts.

We look forward to another engaging leadership conversation!




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