Make Waves: Overcoming Resistance

Have you ever tried to change the direction of a project? Have you ever tried to launch something new? At some point in time, you probably tried to instigate change. My guess would be it wasn’t always smooth when you tried to promote something different or new. Welcome to leadership!

Patti B. Johnson wrote a solid book on how to make change happen. For Patti, change is making waves. Patti JohnsonThe title of her book is Make Waves: Be the One to Start Change at Work and Life. As CEO of PeopleResults, a change and organizational development consulting firm, facilitating change is an essential part of what Patti does.

Resistance and Change: The Tension

When change is pursued, there will undoubtedly be resistance. Resistance can be good and bad. Good resistance creates a positive tension to enhance an idea. Good resistance is a give-and-take of pros and cons and other considerations to take into account. Positive resistance may be rare in many cases, and it can only be found when you are surrounded with people who are in a similar growth mindset.

The more likely case of resistance will be the force against allowing anything to change the status quo. Barriers are up. Strength of wills collide. As Patti highlights in her book, resistance is “caused by a divergence from:

  • Beliefs:  ‘What you are saying doesn’t align with what I believe to be true?’
  • Feelings:  ‘These changes make me feel uncertain or afraid.’
  • Values:  ‘This goes against my personal values.’
  • Trust:  ‘I didn’t trust you as a credible voice on this topic.’
  • Actions:  ‘Your actions don’t give me confidence.'”

(Make Waves, page 44)

Make WavesWe wish all resistance was upfront. Reality is much of it happens behind closed doors and closed minds. However, resistance doesn’t prevent change. Change makers or “Wave Makers” use skills like listening, collaboration, and problem-solving to move initiatives forward.

Throughout the book, Patti highlights ways to understand mindsets, including your own, and then how to pursue change and make your wave happen.

Patti Johnson:  Authentic Leadership Dallas

We are excited that Patti Johnson will be joining us at our next Meetup on June 24, 11:45 am to 1:00 pm. Please RSVP and get the location details on our Meetup page. Join us to gain insights from Patti on change and how to Make Waves. Join us to engage in a conversation on change — starting it, making it happen, and sustaining it.

“We decided that a leader can really be a ‘human Kickstarter.'”

Change is a constant. The old adage is true. Since change will always happen, do you want to lead it or resist it? Are you ready to lead as a Kickstarter?

Join us and lead change in a real, authentic way!








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