Leadership Transitions: What’s Ahead?

Leadership transitions happen often. Some are forced and others are voluntarily pursued. Authentic leaders know when to make certain transitions in their careers, the way they lead, and the changes they need to champion. They do this because they are attuned to their own inner voice along with what their markets, community, and colleagues are saying. With this said, the key question will be for our December Authentic Leadership Dallas is: What transitions are you planning in 2015? What signal is leading you toward this transition?

Please RSVP on our Meetup page. Although the details are there, the quick information is:

  • December 16, 11:45 am to 1:00 pm
  • Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel
  • 900 E. Lookout Drive, Richardson, TX

On a topic relating to transitions, the last part of our meeting will discuss next steps for Authentic Leadership Dallas. We have an engaging group that gathers each month, and the conversations are real and helpful. As we move forward, Tal Shnall, one of our active members, will be leading and facilitating this Meetup going forward. I will continue to participate, but time and other commitments will keep me from putting in the effort to take this group to the next level. As this transition happens, we want to hear your opinions as Tal moves the community forward.

Thank you for reading and, most importantly, thank you for engaging to become better leaders!

Lead well,




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