What Is Your Purpose?

Did you see the Secret Life of Walter Mitty with Ben Stiller? It was a great movie that made me think about my life and the purpose behind our CEO Peer Groups with Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas.

mitty purposeIn the movie, there is a scene where we see the Purpose Statement of Life Magazine on the wall and later we see that Walter Mitty was able to recite it with a passion;

“To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”

As the leader of your company, you have the opportunity and responsibility to set a clear purpose that others can follow. The following questions may arise as you consider the role of purpose in your leadership, organization, and life:

  • Is there a value in having a purpose?
  • Do you have a purpose?
  • Does your leadership model your purpose?
  • Do your customers experience your purpose?
  • Does your team understand your purpose?

To dig deeper into each of these questions, read some of my additional thoughts on the topic of What Is Your Purpose?

About Robert Hunt

Robert J. HuntRobert Hunt is the Forum Leader and Business Partner for Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas. His role is to find the best members for CEO Peer Groups, then lead each meeting so members become Raving Fans. You can connect with me on LinkedIn,  Google+Twitter, and Facebook.

Are You Ready to Be a Leader Worth Following?

Leadercast 2014 issued a challenge to lead “Beyond You,” and Leadercast also calls on us to be “Leaders Worth Following.” In a recent post entitled The Longing, a call was issued for leaders to raise their hand and be a leader worth following. A video highlighting this call to lead well is below.

This needs to be more than a hand raised. This call needs to be leaders standing up and extending their hands to engage each other in meaningful ways.

A key question may be: Is all this just happy talk at a conference and then we go back to our workplaces and lead in the same ways? It is so easy to do.

As leaders, we need to rise up, define what it means to be a leader worth following, and then lead in that way. We may not get it right every time, but we are trying. In trying, we learn, and we get better. This sets the right leadership example.

So the question stands:  Are your ready to stand up and be a leader worth following? If so, when? If so, in what ways?

Join in because the people we work with deserve it and you have the stuff within to lead in this way. Tap into your best leadership capabilities and be a leader worthy following.



Leadercast: Insights from Select Speakers

Leadercast is fast approaching and we have been watching for recent interviews with the speakers or other articles written about them or by them. We highlight two now:  Desmond Tutu and Simon Sinek.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu: Resilience

Recently, Desmond Tutu was interviewed by Krista Tippett, host of On Being. Highlighted below is a key quote from the interview along with the video from the complete interview.

Desmond Tutu:  “At no point will evil and injustice and oppression and all of the negative things have the last word. And, yes, I mean, there’s no question about the reality of evil, of injustice, of suffering, but at the center of this existence is a heart beating with love. You know, that you and I and all of us are incredible. I mean, we really are remarkable things that we are, as a matter of fact, made for goodness. And it’s not a smart aleck thing to say; it’s just a fact. Because all of us, even when we have degenerated, know that the wrong isn’t what we should be, isn’t what we should be doing. We’re fantastic. I mean, we really are amazing.”

Simon Sinek: Leadership is a choice

Simon SinekSimon Sinek recently spoke at TED 2014. Although there is no video yet, the quote below came from the TED blog in a post entitled “Leadership is about making others feel safe: Simon Sinek at TED2014.”

Simon Sinek:  “The ups and downs of the economy, the uncertainty of the stock market, the new technology that renders your business model obsolete overnight, the competition that is trying to kill you or at a minimum stop your growth and steal your customers—we have no control over these forces. They’re constant and they’re not going away. The only variable are the conditions inside the organization. That’s where leadership matters, because it’s the leader who sets the tone. When leaders make a choice to put the people first, remarkable things happen.”

Chip Cutter, Editor at LinkedIn, had this to add about Simon’s talk in a post entitled “Simon Sinek: Great Managers Don’t Lay Off Employees.” Here is a snapshot from Chip’s article:

“The advice seems to contradict both economic realities and the oft-quoted wisdom that managers should “hire slow and fire fast,” quickly jettisoning workers who can’t perform or don’t fit into a corporate culture. But Sinek says a different approach is necessary in the workplace. “Hire slow and fire never or almost never.”

The reason, he says, is that layoffs destroy culture. The best companies foster a sense of trust between employees so they can focus on achieving goals together, rather than fighting internal politics. The only way leaders can build what he calls a “circle of safety” is by protecting employees.”

To gain more insight on Simon Sinek’s leadership thoughts, highlighted below is a recent interview with CBS This Morning.

Get ready for Leadercast 2014!

Your leadership will be challenged anew and you will be energized! Join us for a day of insights and interaction.

Leadership is a choice, and leadership is continuing to learn and grow. Doing this, along with an open heart, will embolden our resiliency when time gets more challenging. Great insights from these two leaders and so much more to come with Leadercast on May 9th!


Ready to Lead in the Week Ahead? Insights to Energize.

Leadership is many things and we need to do as much as we can as often as we can to embrace and engage others. Some of the leadership thoughts from the past week highlight ways for leaders to stay a step ahead while continuing to work with others as progress is being made. Doing this is a leader’s challenge and a leader’s way!

Leading Through Mistakes by Jon Mertz on Lead Change. Key quote: “A certainty in life and work is we all will make mistakes at various points in time. When we do, the goals will be to limit the consequences, take corrective actions, and learn the most from them. Sounds simple, right? However, in both leadership and culture terms, we seem to complicate these goals.”

How Great Leaders Handle Difficult Conversations by Tal Shnall. Key quote: “Every difficult conversation is an opportunity to improve the circle of trust. Assumptions and doubts block the development of trust.”

Why Your Change Needs A Word Of Mouth Strategy by Patti Johnson. Key quote: “Create a word of mouth strategy in your communications plan. Remember the informal ways to help spread the word and build momentum. Think organic sharing, not sequential.”

Leading is Learning by Jon Mertz for People Results. Key quote: “Leaders often hear or state a simple principle: Never, ever give up. An equally important one is: Never, ever stop learning. Being a leader is a high calling, demanding us to open our minds and embrace others in what they offer.”

Lead well in the week ahead!

Also, please join us on May 9th for Leadercast! Details are highlighted here.

Lead Ahead: Week of February 17, 2014

Boot camps, leadership conversations, reinvention, mistakes and leadership, Millennial leaders, and pushing the product marketing envelope…. An interesting mix of leadership topics this past week. The lesson to pull forward is to be fully engaged in your community, your workplace, and in your development. Community and organizational cultures expect leaders to step up when changes unfold. Leaders step up to take action, to listen and interact, to change, and to learn and grow. How will you step up this week?

Revolutionary Impact Boot Camp by Mike Henry. Key quote: “If we are the type of person who elevates others and adds value, we begin to associate with others who elevate and add value. We find people we like who will eventually help us when we might be tempted to slack off.”

Why Leadership Conversations Matter? by Tal Shnall. Key quote: “Leadership conversation is also a process of self-discovery-where both leaders and followers will be touched. Something inspires them. Their relationship opens forward in a positive way.”

Matthew McConaughey and the Art of Reinventing Yourself by Patti Johnson. Key quote: “If you are due for a career reinvention, it is time to start learning, stretching and in McConaughey’s words, ‘shaking your floor’. But, rather than thinking about success and outcomes, it will take some faith, patience, and getting uncomfortable.”

How Good is Your Product? by Tim Gillette. Key quote: “One of the tricks of marketing a small business is to use a stunt to get the attention of your potential clients. You let this stunt out and people just come from miles around to watch. Think of the flash mob videos, imagine being in the place they happen, when they happen, and you’re not in on the gag. Well its a great fun idea that grabs attention.”

Missteps to Strengthen Culture and Leaders by Jon Mertz. Key quote: “Empathy is an essential leadership skill. When mistakes happen, empathy is a skill that enables us to listen for the reasons of why something did not happen in the desired way.”

Looking Forward With Millennial Leader David Burstein by Molly Page for Thin Difference. Key quote: “Millennial leaders will usher in bottom up empowerment and break down complex chains of command.”

Lead well in the week ahead!

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Lead Ahead: Week of February 10, 2014

Purpose is embedded in many things and leadership is definitely one. When purpose blooms in the way you lead, wonderful outcomes unfold. In looking at what leaders from Authentic Leadership Dallas and Lead Change have been writing about, purpose seems to be at the top of the list.

Before diving in to the various leadership insights below, please take some time to read about Leadercast and consider registering to join us on May 9th. Early registration is open, and we hope you will join us.

3 Steps to Elevate Your Purpose and Maximize Your Impact by Mike Henry. Key quote: “What is an elevated purpose? My definition of an elevated purpose is one that creates great value for others. An elevated purpose isn’t one that benefits only us. In the end, our legacy will be what we did for others.”

Break Free from Inertia & Live on Purpose by Allison Rimm for People Results. Key quote: “Your personal mission is where you can use your talents and passions to address a need in the world – it’s as accessible and profound as that.”

Are You Pushing People Up? by Tal Shnall. Key quote: “No matter how much potential your business has, how good your products and services be, the most important aspect of your business that will yield success or failure is whether your people are motivated and inspired.”

Empower Innovation with Millennials by Jon Mertz. Key quote: “No matter if Millennial or Boomer, many individuals would leave organizations that block innovation, don’t listen, and create barriers to creativity and eventual new sources of profit, along with discouraging ways to improve our communities. The time is now for leaders to embrace a higher purpose for their organizations and encourage collaboration between generations to innovate for better products, services, profits, and a betterment of society.”

Lead with purpose. Lead well in the week ahead!

Lead Ahead: Week of February 4, 2014

If there is one certainty, it is change will always happen. What we do with the change determines how we will be viewed as a leader. In many ways, if leaders don’t embrace some change, they will become irrelevant. This past week’s leadership round-up is about change. Take a moment and read about the trends unfolding, ideas on how to lead forward, and an example of new leadership making a big difference.

10 Trends Change Leaders Can’t Ignore in 2014 by Patti Johnson for Switch and Shift. Key quote: “The hierarchy and the command-and-control environment in business are giving way to a culture with more flexible and collaborative leadership unrelated to title or years of experience. An organic, flexible change plan is essential.”

Three Ways Leaders Make Powerful Connections by Tal Shnall. Key quote: “Great leaders create a “connection economy” around them. The connection economy rewards value created by building relationships and fostering powerful connections.”

Do It All…Or Do It Well by Erin Schreyer. Key quote: “Unless you’ve set realistic goals (in terms of both the quantity and achievability,) you can’t do it all. In fact, I would encourage anyone to set a smaller number of goals that each go deeper.”

The Mirror Test by Tal Shnall for Lead Change. Key quote: “You have to be willing to change your behavior if you want different results. You have to be willing to take the necessary action to get what you want.”

Who Is Claudette Colvin? Courage. by Jon Mertz. Key quote: “And, just as Claudette Colvin, our name should embrace courage. In troubled times, we must find and exhibit our courage to right a wrong and stand up for a core belief. In good times, we must find and exemplify courage in the way we lead ahead in the way we need to grow and change.”

Inspiring Millennial Leaders: Food Recovery Network by Molly Page for Thin Difference. Key quote: “Still only in their second year, it’s a very exciting time for the Food Recovery Network. They currently have 52 chapters across the country and have recovered and donated more than 240,000 pounds of food. As they continue to build relationships with partners and expand to other Universities they’ve set a goal to have 75 national chapters by May of 2014.”

Lead with change in mind. Lead with change in your actions. Lead well in the week ahead!