Community Insights

Highlighted below are member blogs. Get to know some of our community members through their writings and insights.

Lead Change – Encourage, energize and equip one another to apply character-based leadership to Lead Change in ourselves, in others, and in our communities.

Thin Difference – A virtual table where we can sit down to exchange ideas, tips, and insights across generations. With a thin difference between two generations, a vast opportunity exists to create a big leadership story. Blog by Jon Mertz.

Leadership Cafe – Engaging leadership conversations. Blog by Tal Shnall.

Krista Kotrla – Inspire: a culture of content marketing and social business transformation. Blog by Krista Kotrla.

Erin Schreyer –  Highlights a purpose-driven approach to help people become the best of who they were created to be. Blog by Erin Schreyer.


If you are a member of Authentic Leadership Dallas and have a blog, please contact us with your information. Thank you!

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