Make Waves: Overcoming Resistance

Have you ever tried to change the direction of a project? Have you ever tried to launch something new? At some point in time, you probably tried to instigate change. My guess would be it wasn’t always smooth when you tried to promote something different or new. Welcome to leadership!

Patti B. Johnson wrote a solid book on how to make change happen. For Patti, change is making waves. Patti JohnsonThe title of her book is Make Waves: Be the One to Start Change at Work and Life. As CEO of PeopleResults, a change and organizational development consulting firm, facilitating change is an essential part of what Patti does.

Resistance and Change: The Tension

When change is pursued, there will undoubtedly be resistance. Resistance can be good and bad. Good resistance creates a positive tension to enhance an idea. Good resistance is a give-and-take of pros and cons and other considerations to take into account. Positive resistance may be rare in many cases, and it can only be found when you are surrounded with people who are in a similar growth mindset.

The more likely case of resistance will be the force against allowing anything to change the status quo. Barriers are up. Strength of wills collide. As Patti highlights in her book, resistance is “caused by a divergence from:

  • Beliefs:  ‘What you are saying doesn’t align with what I believe to be true?’
  • Feelings:  ‘These changes make me feel uncertain or afraid.’
  • Values:  ‘This goes against my personal values.’
  • Trust:  ‘I didn’t trust you as a credible voice on this topic.’
  • Actions:  ‘Your actions don’t give me confidence.'”

(Make Waves, page 44)

Make WavesWe wish all resistance was upfront. Reality is much of it happens behind closed doors and closed minds. However, resistance doesn’t prevent change. Change makers or “Wave Makers” use skills like listening, collaboration, and problem-solving to move initiatives forward.

Throughout the book, Patti highlights ways to understand mindsets, including your own, and then how to pursue change and make your wave happen.

Patti Johnson:  Authentic Leadership Dallas

We are excited that Patti Johnson will be joining us at our next Meetup on June 24, 11:45 am to 1:00 pm. Please RSVP and get the location details on our Meetup page. Join us to gain insights from Patti on change and how to Make Waves. Join us to engage in a conversation on change — starting it, making it happen, and sustaining it.

“We decided that a leader can really be a ‘human Kickstarter.'”

Change is a constant. The old adage is true. Since change will always happen, do you want to lead it or resist it? Are you ready to lead as a Kickstarter?

Join us and lead change in a real, authentic way!







Are You Ready to Be a Leader Worth Following?

Leadercast 2014 issued a challenge to lead “Beyond You,” and Leadercast also calls on us to be “Leaders Worth Following.” In a recent post entitled The Longing, a call was issued for leaders to raise their hand and be a leader worth following. A video highlighting this call to lead well is below.

This needs to be more than a hand raised. This call needs to be leaders standing up and extending their hands to engage each other in meaningful ways.

A key question may be: Is all this just happy talk at a conference and then we go back to our workplaces and lead in the same ways? It is so easy to do.

As leaders, we need to rise up, define what it means to be a leader worth following, and then lead in that way. We may not get it right every time, but we are trying. In trying, we learn, and we get better. This sets the right leadership example.

So the question stands:  Are your ready to stand up and be a leader worth following? If so, when? If so, in what ways?

Join in because the people we work with deserve it and you have the stuff within to lead in this way. Tap into your best leadership capabilities and be a leader worthy following.



Beyond You: How Will You Lead?

Beyond You: Two simple words that pack a punch. As leaders, we need to focus beyond ourselves. There are at least two parts to this:  Leading to engage and empower others, and leading for a greater purpose in what we are doing. Both present challenges. Both will enable us to be leaders worth following, if we choose to embrace these two words fully in our actions.

Beyond You was the theme of Leadercast. Whether you attended or not does not matter for our conversation at our next leadership meeting.

Join us!

The May Authentic Leadership Dallas lunch meeting will focus on leadership lessons learned from good and bad times. We will meet on May 27, 11:45 am to 1:00 pm, at the Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel. Please RSVP on our Meetup page; you can find directions and other details there. We meet in the restaurant.

Background Reading

For this month’s meeting, we will explore the topic of Beyond You and what this means for our leadership practices. We will learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives on the practices we undertake today as well as the new practices we plan to use going forward. For background reading, two sites provided some solid insights from Leadercast and will help set a foundation for our conversations.

Valuable Insights from #Leadercast 2014! [Notes] by Ryan Stigile. Ryan provides good notes from each of the speakers. Just click on their names to read the notes.

Leadercast 2014 Speaker Notes: Beyond You by John Weirick. A quick overview all in one page.


Our meeting agenda is:

  1. Intro:  In 30 seconds, give your name, organization, and answer this question:  Who do you admire as a leader in business, government, or nonprofit organizations and why? (10 minutes)
  2. Question 1:  How do you know when your team members know you understand them? What does leading with empathy mean to you? (15 minutes)
  3. Question 2:  If we are “instinctively hardwired to want to stand and fight for something bigger than ourselves,” what does this mean for your teams and your organization? More specifically, what does it mean for the way you lead? (15 minutes)
  4. Question 3:  How do you see benefits of your leadership? (short-term versus long-term) (15 minutes)
  5. Wrap-up…. closing thoughts.

We look forward to another engaging leadership conversation!



Thank you to Leadercast Lead Dallas Community!

Leadercast is over but leading well never ends. Leading well never ends because we need to keep learning and then apply what we learn to influence in positive ways and engage others in meaningful ways. The reverberations of Leadercast and what we heard and took to heart will continue, as they should.

We are grateful for the over 150 leaders that gathered at our host site at Chase Oaks. We are grateful to our sponsors, along with the great teams at Chase Oaks and Luxury of Red. We are also thankful to Weaving Influence for providing some great leadership books to give away.

Leadercast Lead Dallas

Thank you for attending Leadercast Lead Dallas! We look forward to continuing our conversations in our monthly Meetups. We hope you will join us.

Lead well… today and every day!


Our Leadercast Lead Dallas sponsors:

Gold: Renaissance Executive Forums

Silver: Xpectit Mobile

Bronze: Thin

Leadercast Lead Dallas Tomorrow!

Leadercast happens tomorrow with one simple, powerful mission:  To Equip Leaders Worth Following. We are energized to be a host site for this one day event and look forward to learning from the speakers and engaging in conversations with over 150 leaders gathering in Plano, Texas. For those registered at the Leadercast Lead Dallas host site, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning at: Chase Oaks, 201 Legacy Drive, Plano, TX 75023. Check-in begins at 7:00 am and the speakers start at 8:00 am.

Authentic Leadership Dallas is a community of leaders who learn and grow through engaging conversations on various leadership topics. We meet monthly, the fourth Tuesday. We will continue the conversations after Leadercast and gain an extra bounce in our leadership steps. You are welcome to join us.

So, on to Leadercast tomorrow, Friday, May 9th. We look forward to engaging our leadership mind and spirit!

Leadercast Lead Dallas




Boundaries and Leadership: Dr. Henry Cloud

One of the Leadercast speakers on May 9th is Dr. Henry Cloud. Dr. Cloud brings engaging insights on life and leadership. His books are very thought-provoking and leadership-changing. To gain some added insights from Dr. Cloud, the video below is a recent exchange with Dave Ramsey.

Boundaries is an interesting topic. Later in the interview, there is an exchange that includes this thought from Dr. Cloud:

“…someone should be responsible for what they can control and someone else should be responsible for what they can control. Things like our own feelings, our own attitudes, and our belief systems are choices. Behaviors I can only control are mine. You can only control yours. And when we each take responsibility, we have something called ‘relationship’ in love and freedom…”

Time is running out to join us for Leadercast. Learn more and join us on May 9th. Refresh your leadership. Engage in leadership conversations.


Where Are the Dallas Leadercast Host Sites?

Leadercast is a one-day event that brings together a great line-up of speakers and a community of engaged leaders. On May 9th, starting at 8:00 am Central Time, all the preparation comes center stage, and everyone is ready to engage.

Leadercast Lead Dallas

Wherever you are, there is a location nearby. Just go to the Leadercast Events page and type in a zip code. The sites around the area will appear. Each will simulcast the live event in Atlanta.

So, highlighted below are a few site in the Dallas area:

Leadercast Dallas
3300 Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, TX 75205

Leadercast Irving
Calvary Church; 4401 State Hwy 161
Irving, TX 75038

Leadercast Flower Mound
6101 Morriss Road
Flower Mound, TX 75028

Leadercast Southlake
DPS North, 100 East Dove
Southlake, TX 76092

Leadercast Lead Dallas
201 Legacy Drive
Plano, TX 75023

Our host site is the last one, but we wanted to highlight all the host sites around the immediate Dallas area. No matter where you are, search the Leadercast site and find one that fits you best.

Join an engaged leadership community. Our goal is to deliver an experience that truly exemplifies “Building Leaders Worth Following.”

Thank you.