Gold Sponsor

Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas

Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas is a peer advisory group for Owners, CEO’s and Presidents who have a passion to lead with Excellence. Our members meet monthly to motivate, challenge, sharpen, encourage and hold each other accountable toward reaching our goals. Learn more at www.REFDallas.com, and contact Robert Hunt at RobertH@REFDallas or (214) 347-0566.

Silver Sponsor

Xpectit Mobile Inc.

Xpectit Mobile Inc.:  We are Dreamers. Designers. Process Experts. Product Builders. Applications are our voice. Learn more at www.XpectitMobile.com.

Bronze Sponsor

Thin DifferenceThin Difference: Cross the gap and lead with a new story line. The purpose of Thin Difference is to explore how two generations can come together to enhance work and create meaning in communities by understanding and celebrating the differences and the common ground between age groups. Learn more at www.ThinDifference.com.

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