Lead Ahead: Week of December 2, 2013

As Thanksgiving is now in the rear view mirror, keep gratitude in the forefront of your leadership ways. Gratitude is more than an event; it is a leadership mindset.

If there is a theme to the past week of leadership writings, then it may be “revolution!” Our leadership can become complacent and stale. Through several posts, we see how we need to embrace our own personal revolution in order to have an organizational revolution. With this light, we see a comparison of leaders, the importance of communication and brand equity, and voices from past generations to guide us forward. This is leadership unveiled in a principled, refreshed way. Embrace it!

On Leadership Revolutions by Mike Henry. Key quote: “I’d like the Lead Change Group to be a place where people can challenge and be challenged in their leadership thought. That challenge will contribute to the personal revolutions and the organizational revolutions we desire to see.”

The Secret to Building Brand Equity: Democratize Your Brand by Krista Kotrla. Key quote: “Write your brand philosophy. Share it with employees. All of them. Share it publicly. Post it on your website. Make decisions based on it. Hire based on it. Onboard and train with it. Ask others to teach it. Fire based on it. Promote people, ideas and initiatives based on it. Be a servant leader. Grow more leaders. Empower others to run with it. Make it easy to participate. Make it easy to promote. Keep it simple. Celebrate sharing. Keep growing. Make a difference.”

How Pope Francis Schooled Ron Johnson by Barbara Milhizer. Key quote: “Ok, they’ve probably never met, but it strikes me as interesting how two ‘turnaround’ leaders of embroiled organizations, took wildly different approaches, yielding very different results.”

The Power of a Great Communicator by Tal Shnall. Key quote: “Great communicators know that people won’t listening unless they connect intellectually and emotionally. It’s all about the quality of the relationships the leader has with the people they communicate with. Know your audience and start by conveying an emotional stories that connect to their heart.”

A Letter for Future Generations by Danny Rubin for Thin Difference. Key quote: “Look, I know life is confusing in your 20s. Sometimes, it’s easier to focus the camera inward than stare blankly into the vast unknown. ‘At age 25, I probably placed a little too much stress on perception as a measure of success. I’ve learned it’s not what others think, but what you think.'”

 Lead well in the week ahead!