Four Top Reasons to Attend Leadercast 2014

Leadercast is a one-day event in which different speakers get on stage to convey a message or issue a challenge to become a better person and leader. On May 9th, thousands will gather in many different places and, in our corner of the world, individuals will gather in north Dallas (specifically at Chase Oaks in Plano, Texas).

Leadercast Lead DallasSo, why attend Leadercast 2014? Good question. I have not attended Leadercast before but have heard from many leaders the value and excitement around what they have experienced at previous events. As a dedicated group – Authentic Leadership Dallas – we decided to jump all in and host this event.

Getting back to the question, here are 4 top reasons to attend Leadercast:

1 – Keep learning… always. Leading is about learning. Connected to learning is growth. Without growth, a leader’s mindset will become stale and outdated. Learning keeps leaders engaged, thoughtful, and thought-provoking. Attend Leadercast to keep learning, honing your leadership craft.

2 – Energize your leadership soul. Let’s be honest. As leaders, we can get worn down. Our leadership spirit needs to be lifted, renewed. Getting a lift in our leadership soul will deliver a lift to all those around us in our work and community. Attend Leadercast to energize your soul.

3 – Engage a community of leaders. Within our host site, many people will gather. There will be gap times, meaning there will be breaks between speakers so there will be time to engage a local community of leaders. Engaging a community of leaders translates into sharing experiences and knowledge. Attend Leadercast to engage a local community of leaders.

4 – Be this type of leader: …leaders worth following. The Leadercast tagline is “Building Leaders Worth Following.” Do you want to be a leader worth following? If so, the previous reasons will enable you to be a better leader and to help other leaders be better leaders. A snowball effect of the leadership kind! Attend Leadercast and become a leader worth following!

We hope you join us. Within seven hours on May 9th, my guess is you will be able to add many more reasons to why attending Leadercast 2014 was very valuable. We cannot wait to join you and discover new ways to be a leader worth following!

Reading Behind to Lead Ahead: Week of October 7, 2013

It is October! At times, it is a wonder in how quickly days pass by. It also serves as a reminder for all of us to lead well each and every day.

Here are some highlights from members of Authentic Leadership Dallas and Lead Change. Keep centered, keep making a difference!

Reflections on Impact by Mike Henry. Key quote: “So as we come into October 2013, how is your impact this year? Have you had the impact you thought you would at the beginning of 2013? Are you on fire, swinging for the bleachers? Are the days flying by?”

Four Ways to Lead from the Middle by Tal Shnall and Krista Kotrla. Key quote: “Even if you’re not in charge, you can always take responsibility for raising the energy in the group and rallying people around a shared mission. Bring your enthusiasm. Inspire the team. Lead from the middle and you will make a big difference.”

Why College Education Has to Change by Chris Westfall. Key quote: “Current technology still can’t fully replace the classroom. However, as costs increase, the power of education will shift – it has to – to methods that fit within our technological capabilities.”

Is Vision Still Valid? by Jon Mertz. Key quote: “A mix of clarity and philosophy may produce longer-term results than vision. This may be how Millennial leaders can lead in a better way, learning from the past and replacing the role vision with the right mix of clarity and philosophy.”

Lead well in the week ahead!