Lead Ahead: Week of January 27, 2014

Leadership embraces many elements. Leading well may start with having a solid philosophy and move to an engaging presence, gaining influence, and achieving results in respect-filled ways. The recent posts from the Authentic Leadership Dallas and Lead Change communities highlight each of these. Embrace these ideas and thoughts as you continue to hone your leadership craft.

Why Do You Need a Leadership Philosophy? by Jon Mertz. Key quote: “To align your words and works, a leadership philosophy is that defining moment to embrace… always and consistently.”

How Leaders Win with People by Tal Shnall. Key quote: “Leadership in the 21st century is about winning the people equation. Throw your title out the door. People want leaders who are interested in building positive relationships. They want people who care for them and that they can trust them.”

Who Are the Real Leaders? by Mike Henry, Lead Change. Key quote: “Would you agree with me that leadership on most sports teams doesn’t rest with the coach and it may not rest with the best players or athletes either? Leadership, or more accurately, influence is granted from peers to peers; teammates to teammates, based on ability and character.”

Which Is a Better Leader? A Conversation on Results and Respect. by Jon Mertz, Lead Change. Key quote: “Respect is more than a leadership characteristic; it is a human one. However, in many organizations, there is a push to gain results quickly and often and some may take shortcuts to achieve the desired results.”

Do You Have Leadership Presence? by Tal Shnall, Lead Change. Key quote: “Leadership presence allows the leader and the led to connect with something bigger than themselves. Cultivating a positive leadership presence allows leaders to better relate to their teams. When you lead with warmth and infectious positive attitude, you gain trust and guide with subtle, but effective influence.”

Lead well in the week ahead!