Lead Ahead: Week of November 25, 2013

We enter the week of Thanksgiving. Events trigger renewed interest in topics surrounding that event. With this holiday, attitudes shift to gratitude and how to thank one another more often. These are solid practices. We just need to adopt them as an ongoing leadership practice rather than just an event-driven one.

This past week, Lead Change and the Authentic Leadership Dallas communities address the topic of gratitude with a strong dash of principle.

Leadership Grows When You Become a Better Giver by Tal Shnall. Key quote: “Great leaders have a strong interest in fostering giving behavior in their organizations, communities and families. A willingness to help others achieve their goals lies at the heart of effective collaboration, innovation, and service excellence. Giving is an act of generosity and gratitude that leaves a lasting memory with the people we lead.”

Be Amazed. Amaze Others. by Jon Mertz. Key quote: “As leaders, we get distracted and become insulated or unaware. We need to develop our leadership skills to lead amazed by recognizing what others are doing and creating a culture of gratitude. The results will be more spirited engagement and soulful work along with an exponential number of amazing things being done by a group of amazing people.”

Irrevocable Principle by Mike Henry. Key quote: “Irrevocable principles make up our character. They define who-we-are. And character-based leaders lead and live from that “who-they-are.” People and organizations who act according to clearly stated, easily understood, congruent irrevocable principles are attractive. We grant them the opportunities to influence us.”

Lead well in the week ahead. Lead with gratitude.