Ready to Make Waves?

Patti JohnsonFor our June lunch meeting, we are excited to have Patti Johnson, CEO of People Results and author of Make Waves, as our guest speaker and facilitator. During our leadership conversations, we will be exploring the topics of change, organizational culture, and the attributes of a Wave Maker.

Our June 24th Authentic Leadership Dallas lunch meeting, 11:45 am to 1:00 pm, will be hosted in the Prelude room, to the right of the restaurant at the Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel. Please RSVP on our Meetup page; you can find directions and details there.

Make Waves

If you have time, highlighted below are several articles by Patti Johnson. No required reading to engage in the conversation but feel free to explore to change and how you can Make Waves.

Resistance: Is No News Really Good News? “Understand the root cause. Consider why the resistance is there, so that you know what to do with it. Is it the topic, the way it was shared, or the person who shared it? Explore why the resistance exists.” (Patti B. Johnson blog)

DNA of Wave Makers™: The 4 Leadership Molecules that Everyone Wants. “Wave Makers generally start from an intention of positivity and trust. They have a bias for transparency and authenticity in how they work with others. They aren’t driven by ego as much as by a desire to work together toward a shared goal.” (Switch and Shift blog)

10 Easy Ways to Start Something Great. “Create an options matrix. On the left column list out all of your ‘must haves’. Across the top row write out all of the viable options you have developed for getting started. Rate each option against your ‘must haves’. While this won’t give you the answer, it will help you compare one against the other and rule out choices that just don’t get you where you want to go. Pick the one that is the best place to start and begin.” (SUCCESS blog)

10 Trends Change Leaders Can’t Ignore in 2014. “Meaning and purpose build a lasting commitment to change—not just compliance or reaching a metric. Meaning is defined as a commitment to something bigger than self. Today there is a growing emphasis on ‘what’s in it for us’ more than just ‘what’s in it for me’ which can have a very short shelf life.” (Switch and Shift blog)

To learn more about Make Waves, resources are available at the Patti B. Johnson website.


Our meeting agenda is:

  1. Opening remarks from Patti Johnson to frame our conversation and set the stage for change, culture, and Wave Makers. (20 minutes)
  2. Facilitated conversation to exchange experiences and perspectives on leadership and organizational change. (30 minutes)
  3. Wrap-up…. closing thoughts. (5 minutes)

We look forward to another engaging leadership conversation!

Four Top Reasons to Attend Leadercast 2014

Leadercast is a one-day event in which different speakers get on stage to convey a message or issue a challenge to become a better person and leader. On May 9th, thousands will gather in many different places and, in our corner of the world, individuals will gather in north Dallas (specifically at Chase Oaks in Plano, Texas).

Leadercast Lead DallasSo, why attend Leadercast 2014? Good question. I have not attended Leadercast before but have heard from many leaders the value and excitement around what they have experienced at previous events. As a dedicated group – Authentic Leadership Dallas – we decided to jump all in and host this event.

Getting back to the question, here are 4 top reasons to attend Leadercast:

1 – Keep learning… always. Leading is about learning. Connected to learning is growth. Without growth, a leader’s mindset will become stale and outdated. Learning keeps leaders engaged, thoughtful, and thought-provoking. Attend Leadercast to keep learning, honing your leadership craft.

2 – Energize your leadership soul. Let’s be honest. As leaders, we can get worn down. Our leadership spirit needs to be lifted, renewed. Getting a lift in our leadership soul will deliver a lift to all those around us in our work and community. Attend Leadercast to energize your soul.

3 – Engage a community of leaders. Within our host site, many people will gather. There will be gap times, meaning there will be breaks between speakers so there will be time to engage a local community of leaders. Engaging a community of leaders translates into sharing experiences and knowledge. Attend Leadercast to engage a local community of leaders.

4 – Be this type of leader: …leaders worth following. The Leadercast tagline is “Building Leaders Worth Following.” Do you want to be a leader worth following? If so, the previous reasons will enable you to be a better leader and to help other leaders be better leaders. A snowball effect of the leadership kind! Attend Leadercast and become a leader worth following!

We hope you join us. Within seven hours on May 9th, my guess is you will be able to add many more reasons to why attending Leadercast 2014 was very valuable. We cannot wait to join you and discover new ways to be a leader worth following!

Vision: Purposeful or Pitfall

The March Authentic Leadership Dallas lunch meeting will be focused on vision. We will meet on March 25, 11:45 am to 1:00 pm, at the Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel. Please RSVP on our Meetup page; you can find directions and other details there. We meet in the restaurant.

There is always a lot of chatter about having vision. Is vision important for individuals? Is vision vital for organizations?

Vision delivers a line of sight forward. More than this, vision creates a picture of what a possible future can look like. Even with a reasonable vision, some companies may not fully realize their desired endpoint while others may die in their vision. For example, Kodak had a vision yet the market passed them by.

The focus of our leadership lunch conversation will be centered on the value and pitfalls of vision. Some suggested reading to ignite your thoughts are highlighted below.

Vision: Purposeful or Pitfall

Guiding Growth: How Vision Keeps Companies on Course. Key Quote: “Typically, visions are not far-reaching enough, not big enough. Often, a vision is so generic that people cannot latch onto it, they can’t feel it in their heart and gut. And even when there’s a good vision, it’s guaranteed to fail miserably if senior management doesn’t walk the talk.”

What The Heck Is Wrong with… Mission and Vision Statements? Key quote: “From what I see, mission and vision statements are often a muddled stew of goals, values, aspirations, philosophies, strategies and descriptions. So, before I share with you some of my favorite ‘good’ examples, let’s just be clear about the difference between a mission and a vision statement:  A mission statement articulates the purpose of the company, basically why it exists, what it does and for whom. It should serve as an ongoing guide that spells out what the company is all about. The mission should focus on the here and now. A vision statement outlines the goals and aspirations for the future. It creates a mental picture of a specific medium-term target and should be as a source of inspiration….”

Do Your Mission and Vision Statements Fit Their Purpose? Key quote: “Extrinsic rewards and motivation produce short-term focus and thinking. This is not to say it is wrong or bad, but you need to notice it and manage those rewards around the appropriate outcomes. You also need to connect to long-term horizons, a place where people can locate themselves inside the story, be autonomous and design strategies for personal growth and purpose. A vision and mission will help them.”

Write a Vision Statement that Works. Key quote: “A good mission or vision statement is just that, a statement of a vision – a look ahead into the future.  A vision statement is an articulation of a view of the world that your company and your people are working towards, not what they are expected to do now.”

Why Startups Need a Strong Vision. Key quote: “You can’t base your company around current technologies, trends, or other companies. It’s about what you are doing for your customers.”

How to Create a Shared Vision that Works. Key quote: “In this last step, each team member identifies specific goals and actions they will personally take that demonstrate they are living the vision right now, even as they continue to develop the vision and work out the details. When they share their goals, they should also explain what they need from other team members for support. This is one of the most powerful steps in the process.”

Leading Conversation Agenda

Our meeting agenda is:

  • Forty-five second introduction: What do you want people to remember about you after the meeting? (10 minutes)
  • Question 1:  In the organizations you have been involved with, have all of them had strong visions? Is there a difference between organizations with strong and weak visions? Is there a difference between organizations with a vision and without a vision? Share your experiences. (20 minutes)
  • Question 2:  In your experiences, what has worked (or not worked) in getting a group of leaders to agree on a vision for an organization? What process have you used to develop a strong vision? (20 minutes)
  • Wrap-up: Leadercast updates and areas of assistance, May 9th.

If you haven’t registered for Leadercast on May 9th, please consider joining us to energize your leadership skills and spirit!

Guess Who Is Coming to Leadercast 2014?

The Leadercast tagline is powerful:

Building Leaders Worth Following

The word “building” implies there are different elements that come together to create something bigger and more engaging than the elements alone. Bringing together a community of leaders to share and learn is one way to build. Learning from many different sources and viewpoints is another. There are many resources that we need to embrace to build our leadership capabilities.

We are energized by what Leadercast is bringing together in this one day event on May 9th! We hope you will join our Lead Dallas host site at:  Chase Oaks | Authentic Leadership Dallas, 281 Legacy Drive, Plano, TX 75023. Early registration ends March 9 so register today!

Highlighted below are the speakers for Leadercast, a great group to learn from and continue to build our leadership skills.

Leadercast Lead Dallas


Please check out the sponsors of our Leadercast Lead Dallas host site! We are very grateful for their support to bring this community together.

Lead Ahead: Week of February 17, 2014

Boot camps, leadership conversations, reinvention, mistakes and leadership, Millennial leaders, and pushing the product marketing envelope…. An interesting mix of leadership topics this past week. The lesson to pull forward is to be fully engaged in your community, your workplace, and in your development. Community and organizational cultures expect leaders to step up when changes unfold. Leaders step up to take action, to listen and interact, to change, and to learn and grow. How will you step up this week?

Revolutionary Impact Boot Camp by Mike Henry. Key quote: “If we are the type of person who elevates others and adds value, we begin to associate with others who elevate and add value. We find people we like who will eventually help us when we might be tempted to slack off.”

Why Leadership Conversations Matter? by Tal Shnall. Key quote: “Leadership conversation is also a process of self-discovery-where both leaders and followers will be touched. Something inspires them. Their relationship opens forward in a positive way.”

Matthew McConaughey and the Art of Reinventing Yourself by Patti Johnson. Key quote: “If you are due for a career reinvention, it is time to start learning, stretching and in McConaughey’s words, ‘shaking your floor’. But, rather than thinking about success and outcomes, it will take some faith, patience, and getting uncomfortable.”

How Good is Your Product? by Tim Gillette. Key quote: “One of the tricks of marketing a small business is to use a stunt to get the attention of your potential clients. You let this stunt out and people just come from miles around to watch. Think of the flash mob videos, imagine being in the place they happen, when they happen, and you’re not in on the gag. Well its a great fun idea that grabs attention.”

Missteps to Strengthen Culture and Leaders by Jon Mertz. Key quote: “Empathy is an essential leadership skill. When mistakes happen, empathy is a skill that enables us to listen for the reasons of why something did not happen in the desired way.”

Looking Forward With Millennial Leader David Burstein by Molly Page for Thin Difference. Key quote: “Millennial leaders will usher in bottom up empowerment and break down complex chains of command.”

Lead well in the week ahead!

Be sure to check out our special event on May 9th. We are a host site for Leadercast! Register soon to take advantage of the early rates.

Leadercast: Join Lead Dallas on May 9th

Authentic Leadership Dallas is excited to be a host site for Leadercast in the north Dallas area on May 9, 2014! Specifically, our host location is in Plano, Texas, at Chase Oaks. Let’s begin with the details and then take a broader look at what Leadercast is all about.

Leadercast Lead DallasThe Leadercast Details for Lead Dallas

Date:  May 9, 2014, 8:00 am to 3:30 pm

Location:  Chase Oaks, 281 Legacy Drive, Plano, TX 75023

Registration cost:  $67 per person (If register before March 9). $77 per person (if register after March 9). Processing fees will be added.

Other Logistics:  Light breakfast and lunch are included. Sessions will be live streamed into our host site.

Registration Resources and More:

  • Explore the Leadercast site to learn more about the speakers, organization, and our host site. Registration links are included.
  • If you want to skip straight to registration, our Eventbrite page has all the registration details. Pricing information is here, along with an early registration discount.
  • To learn more about Authentic Leadership Dallas, please explore our website here and visit our Meetup group.

If you have any questions or wish to sponsor our site, please contact us. We have a few, select sponsorship opportunities available.

Who will be speaking at Leadercast 2014?

The speakers are:

Laura Bush:  First Lady of the United States (2001-2009)

One of the most beloved and admired American First Ladies. Who championed key issues in the fields of education, health care, and human rights. She authored the bestselling memoir, Spoken From the Heart.

Malcolm Gladwell:  Award-winning journalist and best-selling Author

Staff writer of the New Yorker magazine. In 2005 he was named one of Time Magazine‘s 100 Most Influential People. He is the author of The Tipping Point: How Little Things Make a Big Difference, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, Outliers: The Story of Success, What the Dog Saw, and his latest David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants.

Laura Schroff:  Former Time executive

New York Times best selling author, An Invisible Thread . Laura is a former advertising executive who helped launch three of the most successful start-ups in Time Inc. history: InStyle, Teen PEOPLE, and PEOPLE StyleWatch.

Bill McDermott:  CEO of SAP

Well-known as an active community leader and advocate for corporate social responsibility. McDermott has a “Beyond You” leadership style of investing in people and building great teams, which no doubt drives SAP’s success.

Andy Stanley:  Leadership Author and Communicator

A sought-after leadership communicator, author, pastor, and the founder of North Point Ministries, Inc. (NPM). Stanley’s books include The Next Generation Leader, Visioneering, Enemies of the Heart, and The Principle of the Path.

Dr. Henry Cloud:  Clinical Psychologist and Business Consultant

A leadership consultant and coach who brings a unique perspective to his speaking and writing. He specializes in coaching leaders, building teams, and developing organizational cultures. Author of over twenty books, including Necessary Endings, Integrity, and 9 Things A Leader Must Do.

Simon Sinek:  Author and Speaker

Described as “a visionary thinker with a rare intellect,” Sinek teaches leaders and organizations how to inspire people. His books include: Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, and Leaders Eat Last.

Randall Wallace:  Director, Producer, and Screenwriter

The Oscar-nominated creative force behind the epic storytelling box-office hits: Braveheart, We Were Soldiers, Pearl Harbor, and Secretariat. In addition to his work as a filmmaker, Wallace is the founder of Hollywood for Habitat for Humanity.

Desmond Tutu:  Nobel Laureate & Human Rights Activist

Archbishop Tutu is a world-renowned human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize recipient. Beginning with his opposition to apartheid in South Africa, he has worked tirelessly to spread peace, justice, and democracy and to end racial divisions throughout the world. (broadcast)

Leadercast is a day filled with speakers who will put a spark in your leadership practices and thoughts and refresh you for the rest of the year ahead! 

Who is Leadercast?

When you go to the Leadercast site to explore, you will find what they believe. The statement is simply powerful:

“The world is missing out. We could all be learning more. Living out our purpose. Leading and being led by people who inspire and enlighten us, give us strength and allow us to grow. Leadercast was built on a belief that the world needs better leaders—leaders worth following.”

I hope you agree. The world needs better leaders and this begins with us.

Join us on May 9 and let’s learn and grow as leaders.


Reading Behind to Lead Ahead: Week of September 16, 2013

Highlighted below are several posts from Dallas area leaders, members of the Authentic Leadership Dallas, and the Lead Change community. Enjoy!

How Transformational Leaders Create a Captivating Vision by Tal Shnall. Key quote: “Transforming leaders are sincere, personable and caring. These leaders demonstrate empathy to the needs and interests of others. They enable, empower and challenge followers.”

Leadership by Engagement by Tal Shnall on Lead Change. Key quote: ” The engaged leader is willing and able to develop more leaders to create a sense of a shared platform. Everyone can contribute. Everyone can make a difference.”

Thinking About Creating a Change Leadership Department? by Betsy Winkler. Key quote: “You cannot neglect to practice sound change leadership principles yourself. Never forget this is, in and of itself, a change project too! A sponsor with significant business credibility in the organization is essential to success.”

You Can’t Save a Dying Flower by Watering its Petals by Kristy Smith on Lead Change. Key quote: “That phrase has been housed in my journal for a few months now; powerful to me each time I run across it. Determined to bring it to life, it reminds me that the sooner I quit watering the petals and start watering the roots, the closer I become to seeing results. And something about seeing results, always pushes me to keep-on tending.”

Lead well in the week ahead!